An incomparably
smooth pleasure

Do you prefer milder varieties when choosing a coffee? If so, then Dallmayr prodomo naturmild can offer an extraordinary taste experience. This finely balanced blend of special highland arabica beans is naturally low in acidity – with a full caffeine content.

To round off the experience of mild coffee pleasure with a harmonious finish, the beans are very carefully roasted. This allows a gentle aroma to develop perfectly in the cup.

Taste profile

Type100% arabica


Dallmayr prodomo naturmild is perfect for the traditional preparation of filter coffee, whether brewed in a filter machine or with a manual filter.

We recommend using 6 to 8 grams of coffee powder and a brewing time of up to eight minutes. Convenient measuring spoons are available that hold around 7 grams of coffee, making it easy to portion the powder.

If using a manual filter, the water should be at a temperature between 92ºC and 95°C. Do not use boiling water, otherwise bitter flavours will be brought to the forefront. Coffee tastes best when freshly prepared. If there is a large amount left over that you do not need at once, transfer the coffee into a thermos flask.

More preparation tips

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