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‘Fine notes of hazelnut and almond with fruity echoes of ripe Belle de Boskoop apples and orange zest tantalise the taste buds. A delicate chocolatey sweetness slowly unfolds in the mouth.’ These words and similar descriptions sound like a sommelier evaluating a special wine, but in fact they were written by a coffee expert.

Up to a thousand aromas lie dormant in each and every bean. So far, nobody has unmanaged to trace all of them. To experience the various nuances with your senses even as a ‘layman’ coffee lover, we recommend preparation using a cafetière – sometimes called a French press or coffee plunger. The direct contact between the coffee grounds and the water allows the rich aromas to come out slowly into the water and develop fully.

The most beautiful way to enjoy coffee

Our traditional varieties of roast coffee beans are perfect when coarsely ground for preparation using a cafetière – and one of them is made just for that method: Dallmayr French Press Selection. In cooperation with BODUM®, the designer brand from Denmark for everything related to coffee and tea, we developed this coffee especially for the Chambord French press. This variety is sold coarsely ground, so all you have to do is pour hot water into the cafetière.

A renaissance of coffee house culture

There was a time when the traditional coffee house was a second home for many of its guests. Every cup was served in style with no rush or noise in the background. This tradition has been brought back to life by Dallmayr French Press Selection and BODUM®. Together, we celebrate a modern version of coffee house culture, offering you a unique taste experience to take home any enjoy. The trademark characteristic of Dallmayr French Press Selection is its spicy note. By preparing the coffee in a cafetière, you can explore the depth of this special aroma.

A tip from our coffee master

If you do not drink all of the coffee at once, it is best to transfer it into a pot that has already been warmed up with hot water. Coffee that is left standing in a cafetière with the powder for too long will taste bitter.

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