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Dallmayr Ethiopia bears the UTZ Certified seal. UTZ Certified is one of the largest sustainability schemes in the world, with a vision of creating a world in which sustainability is the norm. Focusing on interacting responsibly with both humans and nature, coffee growers learn efficient growing methods that are aimed at increasing the profitability of their farms, thereby ensuring improved prospects for the future.


Around 50 years ago, Konrad Werner Wille, a pioneer in the coffee industry and co-owner of the Dallmayr business, discovered the wild-growing ancestral plant during his adventures. It is now considered a botanical treasure, because all arabica bushes around the world are descendants of this specimen. Back then, Konrad Werner Wille wasted no time in arranging for the coffee to be brought back to Germany. Since then, we have been the world’s largest importer of washed arabica beans from Ethiopia. As a result of this, we feel a particular connection to this East African country and to Karlheinz and Almaz Böhm’s charity work for Ethiopia.

Hope is growing!



The simple way to help

The foundation ‘Menschen für Menschen’, which was founded by Karlheinz Böhm in 1982 following his appearance on the TV show ‘Wetten, dass …’, helps people to improve their lives themselves. Thanks to its extremely low administrative overheads, it is able to provide the maximum possible level of support.

Together with farmers, simple but effective solutions are implemented to secure the future of the next generation. We have supported the foundation in numerous projects over the years, not least because we are deeply rooted in the country’s coffee-growing culture.

Ethiopian coffee ceremony

The original coffee ritual

Ethiopians also love their coffee and celebrate what they call ‘bunna’. Their method of preparation is most likely the most original – and also the most time-consuming. The beans are roasted in an iron pan over charcoal before being crushed with a pestle and mortar.

The grounds are then heated in a clay jug with water and sugar, enhanced with a little cardamom and finally served in small bowls.

Your visit to the plantation

Follow us to the plantation and get to know the farms where the coffee for Dallmayr Ethiopia is grown. Select the EAN code and enter the lot number on the packaging – and your journey will begin:

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