Holiday feeling
for the last 50 years

Those who always connect the name Dallmayr with filter coffee only know one of our facets. We can look back at a long tradition of espresso. Maybe that’s because Munich likes to call itself Italy’s northernmost city. Paying homage to the city’s Italian flair, we created Dallmayr Espresso Monaco in 1964.

At that time, German holidaymakers were discovering Italy – and with it the espresso bar. Those travellers from the “land of the filter coffee drinker” came into contact with the small, dark shot of coffee for the very first time,. It didn’t take long for espresso to create as much holiday feeling as the sun and sea in Italy.

Typically Italian. Typically Dallmayr.

Dallmayr has been putting “la dolce vita” into German coffee cups for around 50 years. This espresso combines Italian coffee culture with the typical aroma of Dallmayr: exquisite arabica beans are carefully and intensively roasted the authentic Italian way. Dallmayr Espresso Monaco tastes delicious, whether you drink it pure or in a cappuccino or latte macchiato.

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