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Do you know where your coffee is grown?

Situated in the heart of Munich, the Dallmayr building is one of the city’s most popular attractions. Year after year, around 1.4 million tourists and the same number of local customers flow through the historic vaulted hall. Our delicatessen is a popular destination for gourmets from all over the world. For everyone who wants to experience our unique flair and courteous service for themselves.

Selected delicacies

The aroma of coffee will lead you directly into the coffee department. Here we offer a selection of precious coffees in addition to our popular brands, which are loved by all. Our rare coffee varieties are very difficult to find at other retailers because the beans are only ever available in limited supply. These include our coffee selection, which contains two exceptional blends as well as three single-origin coffees from premium growing areas in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Dyawa Antara

A stroll through the coffee countries of East Asia

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Ethiopian Crown

The finest mocha from Ethiopian mountain forests

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San Sebastian

A coffee break on the famous San Sebastian finca

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Antigua Tarrazu

Delicious highland beans from Guatemala and Costa Rica

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Freshly roasted from exclusive porcelain vases

We created the coffee selection range especially for our delicatessen around 40 years ago. All these years later, buying one of these classic varieties is still an experience. Our staff scoop the beans by hand out of precious coffee vases, which are well known from our television commercials. The elaborate vases were made by craftsmen at Nymphenburg using the finest porcelain in the early 1950s, following the restoration of the Dallmayr building. The painter Professor Robert Raab also designed the exotic plant and animal patterns.

All five varieties are freshly roasted, weighed on antique beam balances and carefully packaged by hand. Depending on your preferred method of preparation, we will grind the beans from fine to coarse. We also offer three varieties in elegant decorative tins. Click on a packet below to embark on a coffee journey...

Your visit to the plantation

Follow us to the plantation and get to know the farms where the coffee for Dallmayr Ethiopia is grown. Select the EAN code and enter the lot number on the packaging – and your journey will begin:

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